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Millions of Mosquitoes

For a brief time I thought about shutting down my various sites for the day.

I thought about it, and decided against it.

It’s not that I support SOPA or PIPA or any of the other bits of alphabet soup that will try to chisel away at our freedom of speech. In fact I hate them with passion. Instead I am going to post this about how I addressed the issue as citizen, and a consumer.

First and foremost, I contacted the offices of both my House and Senate representatives and asked them politely not to endorse the bills. Essentially I outlined that they are bad pieces of legislation and asked them to vote no if they are ever considered.

Then I set about my business for the week, only this time armed with a list of organizations that are pouring money into getting these bills passed.

It just happens it was time again to order a years supply of contacts from 1-800-Contacts, the company I have dealt with for years. Funny, they are one of the sponsors.

I called them up and let them know it was time to reorder, pointed out that their sponsorship had cost them a regular customer, and took my money elsewhere.

I scroll down the list, making notes, remembering things.

That Harley I have been saving up for? Never going to happen, they just burned that bridge. I’ll just keep riding my old Honda.

I have always been one that is on the fence between Gerber and Leatherman multi-tools. Looks like Leatherman just lost out on that, and I order for my maintenance department as well.

Walt Disney apparently wants me to vacation elsewhere, Wal Mart wants me to shop elsewhere, Sony and Nintendo both really want me to buy an X-Box.

You get the idea.

I have three ways I can address attacks like SOPA and PIPA.

I can write about it, for now at least.

I can hold my elected officials accountable, I tell them what my concerns are, and I vote.

Lastly I can hold those companies that would pay to break the internet by taking my money elsewhere.

You think the tiny little bite I put in these companies is worthless, well maybe your right. I’m little more than a mosquito buzzing around them. Tiny, relatively harmless.

Then again, if you think a mosquito is insignificant, try sleeping in a room with just one.

My friends, there are MILLIONS of us.

Think about it.


You folks have an awesome day. I’ll be back posting about WoW again soon enough.



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I have taken to writing on a new, combined blog wherein I will write about the same things as here, but with a sprinkling of politics and video games rolled into it.

Come on over and visit Screaming into the Vacuum.

Hope to see you there.

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Don’t read this post

Seriously, don’t read this.

I am about to violate my own long standing rule of keeping politics the hell off my blog.

Simply put, I am mad as hell. Writing is how I vent and that is exactly what I plan to do. Do I plan to publish it? Who knows, not me I can tell you that.


This is your last warning, beyond here there be monsters.

Bad words and thoughts even.

Read at your own risk.


I am, by all accounts, a very middle of the road person as far as politics goes. I don’t think I have ever voted a straight party ticket in my life.

I quite honestly could care less what party a person is affiliated with, I vote for whomever I think will do the best job.

There are a few things that irk the hell out of me right now.


For all intents and purposes there are two political parties in this country.

Both seem fixated on winning elections, they appear to care less about the business of actually running a healthy functioning government.

Think I’m wrong? watch any election coverage. People posting numbers on a blue and red map of my country like it’s a goddamn game of Risk.

If the two of parties would spend a quarter of the time on actually trying to fix the country’s problems that they spend jockeying for position amongst each other we would not be in this mess we are in right now.


I am sick to death of watching them try to paint the other guy as worse instead of themselves as better.

I am sick to death of hearing less about what they will do for us, than about what the other guy will do to us.

I am sick of choosing the lesser of two evils at the ballot box.

I am sick to death of the mudslinging, truth twisting,  holier than thou bullshit that I see on the campaign trail.

I am sick to death of watching my elected officials spend more time worrying about the next election cycle than they do about doing the job in front of them.

I am sick to death of watching friends and family members turn on each other over this crap.

Simply put, I am sick to death of politics.


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Don’t even think about it

You don’t want to go there.

Trust me.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, changes the channel while Sparta is napping.

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Now thats a surprise

I was doing a bit of fall cleaning today to the boat, mostly going through all the nooks and crannies to make my off season shopping list.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this.

An unused two burner alcahol stove from back in the mid ’70’s.

Still in the box even.


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Alrighty then

Something interesting happened today.

For the last couple of months my son and a group of kids from his school have been staying late nearly every day, even to the point of coming in and spending their Saturdays working on the project.

Today they went to the regional competition for Destination Imagination, and their hard work paid off.

They finished first in their bracket and are going to the state competition next month.

Here he is, holding up his first place medal and wearing his duct tape shirt.

Good job kids.

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As much as I would love to claim I wrote this for my poor neglected blog I did not.

I actually wrote it for the one on Warcraft. I did figure that there might be a few that do not follow my WoW blog that may want to see it, so I am double posting.

If you got both, sorry about that.

I was sitting this morning thinking about who I would consider my “main” warcraft character when this all occurred to me, so it will make more sense to someone who has played WoW or something similar. Anyhoo, here is my little ode to the much maligned banker alt. 

Hope you like it.


The Banker


One by one I stand and watch,

The favored characters leave.

They go to fight in far off lands,

That I’ll likely never see.


I might be sportin’ spiffy clothes,

I might be dressed in rags,

The only thing that counts to them,

Is what is in my bags.


I’d love to go there with them,

But they say they need me here.

To keep the home fires burning,

And help repair their gear.


With freshly purchased flasks and such,

I send them on their way.

To go and throw themselves against,

The raid boss of the day.


I may not get achievements,

They claim I never fight,

What about the cut-throat posts,

In the Auction House last night?


So here I sit in Ironforge,

Running to and fro,

I wonder what it’s like outside,

Man I’d like to go.


Then again my lot in life,

Is not to leave the town.

But to be the one who stays behind,

And never lets them down.


Fully geared and level capped,

They look down on me to much.

They think a real main character,

Should go save the world and such.


Well raiding characters come and go.

The same with “mains” for PvP.

The only constant in this gang,

Is the Banker, a’la ME.



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